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This post originated on my blog on August 29, 2012
I started running again a few weeks ago. It’s hard to say “again” because I never really stopped thinking I was running but I wasn’t doing it. All these years I wasn’t running, I was thinking about running. But there is a big difference between running and thoughts of running. Like right now, it feels like ice-cubes or hot coals are in my shins. (more on that later) Those feelings are conveniently omitted from the virtual running I used to do in my dreams.

But a few weeks ago, with some unscheduled time off work and lots of energy from the warm summer sun, I resumed running and decided I was going to train for a marathon of some sorts. 

In June, I ran my first 5K, ever! The best part of running your first event is, no matter what your time, it’s a Personal Record (PR) and mine was pretty solid. I averaged a little over 11 minutes per mile. Considering this was in the hot morning sun on a solid asphalt course at MetLife Stadium, I was so proud of myself for having just finished. That pride was enough to keep me buzzed for a few days until the momentum waned and I was finding reasons to run shorter and shorter distances instead of increasing my miles.

Fast forward to today. I have an event in two days. Four miles. No big deal. But this evening, I found myself at 110 St on the Central Park Loop, huffing and puffing to run over the hill. 

And my diet which has been in a state of flux, varying from my very successful “almost-vegan” in July back to the traditional “comfort” foods after runs, is one of the things I can change now as I work on getting better… getting better on the road, getting stronger muscles for when I start biking again, soon, getting better brain power for those exams I have coming up, better energy and vibe for all my social connections.

I know that Vegan is the way to go. And I am pretty awesome at making delicious and interesting vegetable dishes. Inertia is my biggest setback. But must do better tomorrow than I did today.

So, here I am, feet up, tired from the 3.6 miles I ran this evening, a straight run for the last 1.5 miles because the only time my shins didn’t hurt was when I was running. Not even a walk would calm these babies down. Trying to get to bed for a good rest in preparation for all the healthy decisions I can make tomorrow if I am fully energized and well rested.

Until then, Happy trails. 


About Run Wright

I’m Karen. I am a fun-runner and marathoner-wannabe, living and running in NYC. The RUNWRIGHT blog started as a way for me to record my training progress for my first marathon. Now, it has also become a way for me to keep motivated and keep track of the people and things that inspire me on my journey to the starting line and beyond. These are my thoughts during and between runs.
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