Poland spring marathon kickoff

I just ran the last 5 miles of the ING NYC  marathon this morning. NYRR arranged a 5 miler which covers the last few miles of next Sunday’s marathon. So I crossed the marathon finish without having run most of those 26 miles. But whatever distance you run, it’s a “marathon” in itself, because you’re always pushing, always trying to go some distance, competing against your former self, trying to be better and stronger than you’ve every been before.

It’s taking a long time for me to get into form because my running is not as consistent as it should be. The mental preparation is just as important as anything else you do. It’s not easy to create room in your life to run everyday or every other day, when you’re running for an hour or so each time. To find that perfect marriage where the right time of day, the right energy level and the right venue coexist happily. So it takes some getting used to and as with any other routine, when you move away from it, sometimes, it’s the hardest thing to get back on the path.

So the last few weeks, I’ve only logged a few running miles here and there. I’ve been biking. Did the Tour-de-Bronx 40 mile spin from Yankee Stadium, to City Island, Orchard Beach, SUNY Maritime, Wakefield and ending at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. I felt great when I was done. I’ve been trying to prepare more of my meals at home so I can cut down on salt and fat and unnecessary preservatives. That’s going well. The number of times Trader Joe’s appears on my checking account statement is increasing exponentially every week, it seems. But I am feeling better.

So this is a recap of my events in the past 3 weeks:

10/14. Bike 40 miles. 3:20. 3 rest stops.

10/14 Walked 4.52 miles 1:17:21

10/17 Ran 2 miles 22:12

10/21 Ran 3.32 miles 40:22

10/23 Ran 2.06 miles 21:35

10/27 Ran 1.49 miles 16:05

10/28 Ran 5.27 miles 58:34 (unofficial time)

I am going to start posting some food pics soon. The stir fries have been going great, I almost always forgot to take a pic before I start chowing down.

Happy Trails!


About Run Wright

I’m Karen. I am a fun-runner and marathoner-wannabe, living and running in NYC. The RUNWRIGHT blog started as a way for me to record my training progress for my first marathon. Now, it has also become a way for me to keep motivated and keep track of the people and things that inspire me on my journey to the starting line and beyond. These are my thoughts during and between runs.
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